images 6 Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry

Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry


The following page describes everything about Indian Gooseberry fruit. It tells what is Indian Gooseberry meaning, and what do we call Indian Gooseberry in Hindi. Some hidden facts also like the health benefits of Indian Gooseberry dry fruit and much more.This page describes facts about Indian Gooseberry. It tells Value of Indian Gooseberry including Minerals and Vitamins in Indian Gooseberry and describes what are the natural benefits and curative properties of Indian Gooseberry with Health Benefits of Indian Gooseberry. 

Indian Gooseberry

Botanical Name/Scientific Name: Emblica Officinalis

 Other English names: Emblica myrobalan

 Indian Name: Amla

Description of Indian Gooseberry Fruit 

Following is the Description of Indian Gooseberry Fruit. It includes Indian Gooseberry color and some more information about Indian Gooseberry

 Indian gooseberry is a wonderful fruit and one of the precious gifts of nature to man. It is probably the richest known natural source of vitamin C which is readily assimilated by the human system. It contributes greatly towards health and longevity Indian gooseberry is globular small, round, six-lobed fruit, thick and hard inconsistency. It is light yellow in colour and is about 1.25 cm. to 2.5 cm. in diameter.

Origin and Distribution of Indian Gooseberry Fruit

The Following paragraph describes the origin and distribution of the Indian Gooseberry Fruit. Go through to know more about the origin and distribution of the Indian Gooseberry Fruit

The Indian gooseberry is indigenous to India. it has been used as a valuable ingredient of various medicines in India and the Middle East from time immemorial. Shusrut, the great Ayurvedic authority, considers it as the best of all acid fruit and most useful in health and disease. Like Ayurvedic physicians, Hakims of Unani medicine also use it very commonly and regard it as good medicine for the heart and bodily defects. They also use it in external applications due to its cool and astringent properties. The Indian gooseberry is grown as a commercial crop primarily in Uttar Pradesh. It also grows wild at the foot of the Himalayas and at elevation up to 1,500 metres in South India. The tree flowers in the spring and fruit ripen in the winter.

Value of Indian Gooseberry Fruit

Indian Gooseberry nutrition is another matter of knowledge. So here we are providing Indian Gooseberry nutritional value which actually tell about Indian Gooseberry nutrients and their benefits.

 Indian gooseberry is valued chiefly for its high vitamin C content. The vitamin C Value of amla increases further when the juice is extracted from the fruit. The dehydrated berry provides 2428 to 3470 mg. of vitamin C per 100 grams. Even when it is dried in the shade and then turned into powder, it retains as much as 1780 to 2660 mg. of Vitamin C.

Indian Gooseberry Food Value                                                          

 Moisture in Indian Gooseberry                      81.8%                                

 Protein in Indian Gooseberry                         0.5%                                 

 Fat in Indian Gooseberry                                 0.1%                                 

Minerals in Indian Gooseberry                       0.5%                                

 Fibre in Indian Gooseberry                             3.4%                                 

Carbohydrates  in Indian Gooseberry             13.7%                               


Minerals and Vitamins in Indian Gooseberry

Find details about Minerals and Vitamins in Indian Gooseberry. It specially focuses on Indian Gooseberry Nutrition

Minerals and Vitamins in Indian Gooseberry

Calcium in Indian Gooseberry                           50 mg

Phosphorus in Indian Gooseberry                     20 mg

Iron in Indian Gooseberry                                  1.2 mg

Vitamin C in Indian Gooseberry                        600 mg

Small accounts of  Vitamin B Complex

Calorific Value -18

(Values per 100 gms edible portion International Unit)

The best way to take it, with the least loss of vitamin C. is to eat it raw with a little salt. The berry may also be used as a vegetable. It is often used in the form of pickles and marmalade. It can be preserved for a long period when it is dried and turned into powder.

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry has a lot of curative properties and natural benefits. Read this passage to find benefits of Indian Gooseberry

 Many medicinal virtues have been attributed to Indian gooseberry. The fresh fruit is light, laxative and diuretic. A tablespoonful each of fresh gooseberry juice and honey mixed together forms a very valuable medicine for the treatment of several ailments. It should be taken every morning. Its regular use will promote vigour in the body within a few days. When fresh fruit is not available, dry powder can be mixed with honey.

Indian Gooseberry has wonderful health benefits in Treatment of  Respiratory Disorders, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Eye Disorders, Rheumatism, Scurvy, Diarrhoea and Dysentery, Prevents Ageing, Hair Tonic. To read more about them click the link below-

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