download 11 Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Lime Fruit

Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Lime Fruit


The following page describes everything about Lime fruit. It tells what is Lime meaning, and what do we call Lime in Hindi. Some hidden facts also like the health benefits of Lime dry fruit and much more. This page describes facts about Lime. It tells Value of Lime fruit including Minerals and Vitamins in Lime fruit and describes what are the natural benefits and curative properties of Lime with Health Benefits of Lime. 


Botanical Name /Scientific Name: Citrus aurannialia

Indian Name: Niboo

Description of Lime Fruit 

Following is the Description of Lime Fruit. It includes Lime color and some more information about Lime

The lime is an important fruit of citrus group. It is very popular all through the tropics and is used as a necessary adjunct in everyday meal. It is regarded as a health-building food of great value. Limes are generally mistaken for lemons, but they represent two varieties of the same genus. The lime is smaller in size than the lemon, with a thin smooth skin. It has a sweet smell and contains less juice than the lemon. The lime grows on a small, multi-branched tree up to 5 m. in height, with spiny branches, small green leaves and white and strongly scented flowers.  There are many varieties of limes, differing in size, colour and shape. They are, however, classified into two main groups, namely, the sweet and the acid limes. The sweet limes contain a. a higher proportion of sugar but they have an insipid taste and are not considered to be of high nutritive value. They are, therefore, not grown on any great scale. Acid or sour limes, on the other hand, are extensively cultivated as their importance as food and medicine have been recognised for centuries. The two most popularly known varieties are Pad and Kagzi niboo.

Origin and Distribution of Lime Fruit

The Following paragraph describes the origin and distribution of the Lime Fruit. Go through to know more about the origin and distribution of the Lime Fruit

The lime is believed to have originated in India, where it has been grown since remote times. Arab traders are believed to have taken it to the Eastern Mediterranean and Western countries in about 1000 AD. The Spaniards took it to the New World early in their colonization. It has since spread throughout the tropics, where it is the most commonly cultivated species of the acid citrus.

Value of Lime Fruit

Lime nutrition is another matter of knowledge. So here we are providing Lime nutritional value which actually tell about Lime nutrients and their benefits.

 Acid limes are an excellent source of free citric acid, natural sugar, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. It contains by far more vitamin C than the lemon. It is generally used for its juice which is taken in various ways. The best way to use it is to take with water. The lime juice forms an indispensable ingredient of salads. In fruit salads, it helps to retain the normal colour of fruits and imparts tart flavour. It is often mixed with cooked pulses, soups, sauces and gravies to make them more tasty and palatable.

Lime Food Value                                                   

Moisture in Lime                                 84.6%                         

Protein in Lime                                   1.5%                           

Fat in Lime                                           1.0%                           

Minerals in Lime                                 0.7%                             

 Fibre in Lime                                      1.3%                             

Carbohydrates in Lime                       10.9%                                                 


Minerals and Vitamins in Lime

Find details about Minerals and Vitamins in Lime. It specially focuses on Lime Nutrition

Minerals and Vitamins

Calcium in Lime                                  90 mg

Phosphorus in Lime                            20 mg

Iron in Lime                                          0.3 mg

Vitamin C  in Lime                               63 mg

Small amount of Vitamin B Complex

Calorific Value -59

(Values per 100 gms edible portion International Unit)

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Lime

Lime has a lot of curative properties and natural benefits. Read this passage to find benefits of Lime

 The juice of fresh limes is being used in medicine from ancient times in India. In Vadas, lime has been mentioned as a sacred fruit. Cutting limes after reciting certain Mantras is considered an effective method for driving away from the evil spirits. Charaka and Sharangdhara. the two famous physicians of ancient India, have mentioned about the therapeutic value of lime in various diseases of bones and joints. The vitamin C content in lime increases the body’s resistance to disease, aids the healing of wounds and prevents damage to the eyes. Vitamin Cis is also helpful in maintaining the health of the teeth and other bones of the body. It prevents decay and loosening of the teeth, dental caries, toothache, bleeding of the gums and fragility of bones. The rind of the fruit also has medicinal properties. It contains a volatile oil which is used in medicine for improving digestion and removing wind.

Lime has wonderful health benefits in Treatment of  Scurvy, Digestive Disorders, Constipation, Peptic Ulcers, Common Cold, Tonsillitis, Gums, Gout, Eye Disorders, Bleeding Piles, Cystitis, Scorpion Sting, Obesity, Beauty Aid. To read more about them click  the link below-

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