download 1 14 Health Benefits of Almond, Tips, and Risks

Health Benefits of Almond, Tips, and Risks


The following page describes how Almond dry fruit can help you to fight various diseases like Anaemia, Constipation, Impotency, Skin Disorders, Respiratory Diseases. Read the following passages about Almond dry fruit advantages and find Almond effects on your body-

Almond – Health Benefits

Almond advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Almond gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Almond health benefits.

1. Benefits of Almonds in Anaemia or Treatment of Anaemia with Almonds- Almonds contain copper in organic for in at the rate of 1.15 mg. per 100 grams. The copper along with iron and vitamins acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of blood haemoglobin. Almonds are, therefore, a useful food remedy for anaemia.

2. Benefits of Almonds in Constipation or Treatment of Constipation with Almonds- The use of almonds has proved highly beneficial in the treatment of chronic constipation. It is an excellent laxative. 11 to 15 kernels taken at bedtime will facilitate a clear motion the next morning. Those who suffer from a weak stomach can take seven grams of almond oil with hot milk.

3. Benefits of Almonds in Impotency or Treatment of Impotency with Almonds- Almonds are very useful in case of loss of sexual energy which usually results from nervous debility and brain weakness. Their regular use will strengthen sexual power. Chewing of equal quantity of almond kernels and roasted gram also helps in restoring sexual vigour.

4. Benefits of Almonds in Skin Disorders or Treatment of Skin Disorders with Almonds- Wild almonds are considered useful in skin diseases, especially eczema. For this purpose, a few leaves of the wild almond are pulverised with water and the cream so prepared is applied to the affected parts. Almonds are also beneficial in the treatment of pimples. In this condition, the endocarp which is hardcover of the seed should be ground with water and applied over the affected parts. In case of inflammatory condition of the skin, the external application of almond oil will ease the pain and cool the heat.

5. Benefits of Almonds in Respiratory Diseases or Treatment of Respiratory Diseases with Almonds- An emulsion of almonds is useful in bronchial diseases, hoarseness and tickling cough. It is prepared by pounding the nuts and mixing the powdered kernels with orange or lemon juice. A teaspoonful of the oil is given with 10 drops each of fresh white onion juice and ginger juice daily thrice for a fortnight, is useful in whooping cough, bronchitis and asthma.

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