download 32 Health Benefits of Curd, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Curd, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Curd can help you to fight various diseases like Castro-intestinal Disorders, Insomnia, Premature Ageing, Hepatitis and Jaundice, Burning in Rectum, Skin Disorders. Read the following passages about Curd advantages and find Curd effects on your body-

Curd – Health Benefits

Curd advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Curd gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Curd health benefits.

1. Benefits of Curd in Castro-intestinal Disorders or Treatment of Castro-intestinal Disorders- Apart from the lactic acid organisms placed in the milk for the purpose of souring it, the acid of sour milk and its lactose content are important curative factors in a number of diseases. Curd brings relief to patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders such as chronic constipation and diarrhoea. Orla Jensen of Copenhagen, author of Lactic Acid Bacteria, observes that yogurt and fermented beverages may be frequently used in case of gastric irritation where other food cannot be retained by the stomach. The lactic acid, he says, is completely metabolised to carbon dioxide and water is not excreted in the urine. It also does not have any effect on acid-base balance in the system. It is thus an alkaline food. Besides aiding in the digestion of food, curd decreases dryness and gas in the stomach by helping in secretion of hydrochloric acid, pepsin and renin. The germs which give rise to infection and inflammation such as those which cause appendicitis, diarrhoea and dysentery, cannot thrive in the presence of lactic acid found in curd and buttermilk. Beneficial results have been achieved by the use of buttermilk in the cases of colitis. Buttermilk enemas have been found beneficial in the treatment of colitis, chronic constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery, chronic appendicitis and gastric ulcer.

2. Benefits of Curd in Insomnia or Treatment of Insomnia with Curd- Curd is valuable in the treatment of insomnia. The patient should take plenty of curds and massage it on the head. This will induce sleep.

3. Benefits of Curd in Premature Ageing or Treatment of Premature Ageing with Curd- Curd has been associated with longevity. Prof. Elic Metchnikoff, a noble prize-winning Russian bacteriologist at the Pasteur Institute, believed that premature old age and decay could be prevented by taking sufficient curd in the daily diet. He made an intensive study of the problem of old age in the early 20th century. He came to the conclusion that the body is slowly being poisoned and its resistance weakened by man’s normal diet and that this poisoning process could be arrested and the intestinal tract kept healthy by the constant, regular use of yogurt or some variety of acidophilus milk.

4. Benefits of Curd in Hepatitis and Jaundice or Treatment of Hepatitis with Curd- Excessive liberation of ammonia, which is one of the major causes of coma in hepatitis, can be prevented by liberal use of curd. The lectic acid organisms in the curd counteract the formation of ammonia. In jaundice, curd or buttermilk sweetened with honey makes an ideal diet.

5. Benefits of Curd in Burning in Rectum or Treatment of Burning in Rectum- Severe burning and intense itching in the rectum, after passing the stools, can be controlled and successfully treated in a couple of days by liberal use of curd and lemon juice with a bland diet. Curd makes the stool ascitic and alleviates the burning and itching sensations.

6. Benefits of Curd in Skin Disorders or Treatment of Skin Disorders with Curd- The use of curd in the form of buttermilk is highly beneficial in the treatment of obstinate skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. The application of buttermilk compresses will also be useful in these conditions. Pads of muslin or thin cloth saturated with buttermilk may be applied to broad surface. The compresses may be worn continuously or only at night. The surface should be properly cleaned when the compress is removed. The compresses are very effective in case of skin inflammation. The intense skin irritation generally disappears quickly after the application of buttermilk compresses.

Curd is used in numerous ways in Indian culinary art. It is eaten with both meat and vegetable curries, with rice, fruit and fish. It is eaten plain with salt and pepper, with sugar, honey, fruit, molasses and with innumerable essences. Many dishes are cooked in curd. It is also extensively used in the form of buttermilk and lassi. Over 50 per cent of the total milk in the country is converted in curd.

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