images 1 1 Health Benefits of Grapes, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Grapes, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Grapes fruit can help you to fight various diseases like Constipation, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Heart Disease, Migraine, Kidney Troubles, Liver Disorders, Children’s Diseases, External Sores, Pyorrhoea, Alcoholism. Read the following passages about Grapes fruit advantages and find Grapes effects on your body-

Grapes – Health Benefits

1.Benefits of Grapes in Constipation or Treatment of Constipation with Grapes- The combination of the properties of the cellulose, sugar and organic acid in the grape makes it a laxative food. It is highly valuable in relieving constipation. Its field of action is not limited in cleating the bowels only. It tones up the stomach and intestines and relieves the most chronic cases of constipation One should take a least 350 grams of grapes daily to achieve the desired results. When fresh grapes are not available, raisins soaked in water can be used.

2. Benefits of Grapes in Dyspepsia or Treatment of Dyspepsia with Grapes- Grapes are valuable in dyspepsia. They constitute a light food which removes indigestion and irritation of the stomach in a short time and relieves the heat.

3. Benefits of Grapes in Asthma or Treatment of Asthma with GrapesGrapes are considered useful in asthma. According to Dr Oldfield, grapes and their juices are beneficial in the treatment of asthma. He thinks that the patient can recover early if he is kept in a garden of grapes.

4. Benefits of Grapes in Heart Disease or Treatment of Heart Disease with Grapes- Grapes are highly beneficial in the treatment of heart disease. They tone up the heart and are effective in cardiac pain and palpitation of the heart. The diseases can be rapidly controlled if the patient adopts an exclusive grape diet for few days Grape juice will be valuable when one is actually suffering from a heart attack. This will avert serious consequences by reducing pain and palpitation.

5. Benefits of Grapes in Migraine or Treatment of Migraine with Grapes- The juice of ripe grapes is a very effective home remedy for migraine. It is said that King Jamshed, who was very fond of grapes, once stored the juice of grapes well packed in bottles and made it public that the bottles contained strong poison so as to prevent others from taking it. It so happened that the wife of the king was struck with migraine and having obtained no relief from any treatment, decided to end her life by taking this so-called ‘poison’ She took it several times in small doses and contrary to her expectations, it gave her great relief instead of killing her.3

6. Benefits of Grapes in Kidney Troubles or Treatment of Kidney Troubles with Grapes- The grape ha, an exceptional diuretic value on account of its high contents of water and potassium salt. Its value in kidney troubles is enhanced by its low albumin and sodium chloride content. It is an excellent food remedy in acute and chronic nephritis and in kidney and bladder stones.

7. Benefits of Grapes in Liver Disorders or Treatment of Liver Disorders with Grapes- Grapes activate the liver or hepatic functions to stimulate glycogenic functions and bile secretion They are thus highly beneficial in the treatment of all liver disorders.

8. Benefits of Grapes in Children’s Diseases or Treatment of Children’s Diseases with Grapes- Grape juice is excellent blood-builder. It is an effective household remedy and can be preserved in bottles. It is valuable to children in the treatment of constipation and also in the prevention of convulsions due to constipation. The juice is an effective food remedy for infants during teething trouble.

9. Benefits of Grapes in External Sores or Treatment of External Sores with Grapes- Grape poultices have been found effective in case of external growths, where there is an open sore. The poultice is prepared by crushing grapes and spreading them between layers of cheesecloth or muslin It should be placed over the affected parts and covered with a dry cloth The poultice should be renewed frequently as it absorbs much of the toxins.’

10. Benefits of Grapes in Pyorrhoea or Treatment of Pyorrhoea with Grapes- The organic acids of the grapes are strongly antiseptic and their effect on the gums is very effective According to Johanna Brandt, “Every tooth may be loose in its socket and pus may be pouring from the gums, but after a few weeks on the exclusive grape diet it will in time be found that the teeth are firmly set in the jaws and that every trace of pyorrhoea poisoning has disappeared”

11.Benefits of Grapes in Alcoholism and Treatment of Alcoholism with Grapes- Grapes are highly beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism. It is a very effective remedy for those craving for alcoholic drinks as it supplies the purest form of alcohol. Grapes should form an exclusive diet in treating the alcoholics


Grapes have a poor keeping quality They undergo quick putrefaction. They should, therefore, be used soon after purchase or else be preserved in cold storage. While purchasing grapes, care should be taken to ensure that they are fully ripe.

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