download 1 13 Health Benefits of Green Grain, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Green Grain, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Green Grain can help you to fight various diseases like Fevers, Beauty-Aid. Read the following passages about Green Grain advantages and find Green Grain effects on your body-

Green Grain – Health Benefits

Green Grain advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Green Grain gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Green Grain health benefits.

1. Benefits of Green Grain in Fevers or Treatment of Fever with Green Grain- Water in which green grams are soaked is an excellent medicine during cholera, measles, chicken-pox, small-pox, typhoid and all types of fevers. It can be given in a small quantity even during the acute phase of appendicitis.

2. Benefits of Green Grain in Beauty-Aid or Treatment of Beauty-Aid with Green Grain- Flour of the green gram is an excellent detergent and can be used as a substitute for soap. It removes the dirt and does not cause any skin irritation. Its application over the face bleaches the colour and gives good complexion. Black gram flour is also used for washing the hair with green gram paste to lengthen hair and prevent dandruff.

The dried beans are boiled and are eaten whole or after splitting into dhal. They are parched and ground into flour after removal of the testa or the seed-coat. This flour is used in various Indian and Chinese dishes. The green pods are eaten as a vegetable. In China and the United States, it is used for bean sprouts.

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