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Health Benefits of Milk, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Milk can help you to fight various diseases like Anemia, Constipation and Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Stomach Disorders, Heart Diseases, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatic Afflictions, Dry Cough, Kidney Stones, Eye Disorders, Dental Disorders, Promoting Vigour and Vitality. Read the following passages about Milk advantages and find Milk effects on your body-

Milk – Health Benefits

Milk advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Milk gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Milk health benefits.

1. Benefits of Milk in Under Weight or Treatment of Under Weight with Milk- Milk diet is highly beneficial in the treatment of thinness. If one is considerably below the normal weight, the gain will be from three to five pounds a week, depending upon the quantity of milk consumed. The body gradually fills out. The eyes become clear and bright and the complexion assumes a healthy colour. The assimilative organs gain renewed energy and power and the gain in the weight is permanent.

2. Benefits of Milk in Poor Blood Circulation or Treatment of Blood Circulation with Milk- An exclusive milk diet is very valuable for those suffering from poor blood circulation. The natural increase in circulation results from the increased amount of fluid assimilated by the stomach and intestines. Hands and feet, which are usually cold in case of poor circulation, become warm and life-like and the patient gets a feeling of well-being within a few days on the milk-diet.

3. Benefits of Milk in Hyperacidity or Treatment of Hyperacidity with Milk- The milk diet has proved very efficacious in case of hyperacidity and other acid conditions of the stomach. It requires a large amount of acid for its digestion. As milk contains an excess of alkaline-forming elements, it quickly relives all acid conditions of the system.

4. Benefits of Milk in Insomnia or Treatment of Insomnia with Milk- Milk is very valuable in sleeplessness. A glass of milk, sweetened with honey, should be taken every night before going to bed in this condition. It acts as a tonic and a tranquilliser. Massaging the milk over the soles of the feet has also been: found effective.

5. Benefits of Milk in Respiratory System Disorders or Treatment of Respiratory System Disorders with Milk- Milk has proved useful in respiratory system disorders such as common cold, hoarseness laryngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and asthma. A glassful of pure boiled milk, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder and few broken peppers, should be taken every night for three nights in these conditions. It will bring beneficial results.

6. Benefits of Milk in Skin Disorders or Treatment of Skin Disorders- Cream of milk, mixed with a little vinegar and a pinch of turmeric powder, makes an effective dressing for cut wounds, other simple traumatic injuries — i.e. painful injuries and eczema. It also makes an effective poultice in ripening the blood boils and in their healing without sepsis.

7. Benefits of Milk in Beauty Aid or Treatment of Beauty Aid With Milk- Milk is useful as a cosmetic and beauty aids. A fresh lime should be squeezed in a glassful of boiled milk and set it for 10 minutes. It should then be applied over hands, arms, face, neck and soles in the night and allowed to dry. It should be washed with warm water in the morning. Its regular use will whiten the complexion and make the skin soft. Washing the hair with milk and egg yolk every day will promote hair growth and protect the scalp from all diseases.

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