images 1 14 Health Benefits of Onion, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Onion, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Onion vegetable can help you to fight various diseases like Respiratory Disease, Tooth Disorders, Anaemia, Heart Disease, Sexual Debility, Skin Disorders, Ear Disorders, Cholera, Urinary System Disorders, Bleeding Piles. Read the following passages about Onion vegetable advantages and find Onion effects on your body-

Onion – Health Benefits

Onion advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Onion gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Onion health benefits.

1. Benefits of Onion in Respiratory Disease or Treatment of Respiratory Disease with Onion- Onion is said to possess expectorant properties. It liquefies phlegm and prevents its further formation. It has been used as a food remedy for centuries in cold, cough, bronchitis and influenza. Equal amounts of onion juice and honey should be mixed and three to four teaspoon of this mixture should be taken daily in these conditions. It is one of the safest preventive medicine against the common cold during winter.

2. Benefits of Onion in Tooth Disorders or Treatment of Tooth Disorders with OnionLatest researches of Russian doctors have further confirmed the bactericidal properties of onion. According to these findings, if a person consumes one raw onion every day by thorough mastication, he will be protected from a host of tooth disorders. The Russian Doctor, B.P. Tohkin, who has contributed to this research, has expressed the opinion that chewing raw onion for three minutes is sufficient to kill all the germs in the mouth. Toothache is often allayed by placing a small piece of onion on the bad tooth or gum.

3. Benefits of Onion in Anaemia or Treatment of Anaemia with Onion- Onions are noted for their easily assimilable iron content. They are, therefore, beneficial in the treatment of anaemia.

4. Benefits of Onion in Heart Disease or Treatment of Heart Disease with Onion- Recent researches in the West have established onion as an effective preventive food item against heart-attack. Dr N.N. Gupta of the K.G. Medical College, Lucknow, in 1966, and a panel of doctors in England in 1968 have stated that onion has been found helpful and beneficial in diseases of the heart. According to them, these benefits are due to the presence of essential oil, aliypropyl disulphide, catechol, protocatechuic acid, thiopropiono aldehyde, thiocyanate, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins in onion. Dr N. Radhakrishnan, Principal of the Trivandrum Medical College and Dr K. Madhavan Kutty has established, after seven years of research, that to get rid of coronary heart or blood pressure disorders and one should take 100 gms. of onion per day. The onion is very valuable in heart diseases as they correct thrombosis and also reduce blood cholesterol.’

5. Benefits of Onion in Sexual Debility or Treatment of Sexual Debility with Onion- Onion is one of the most important aphrodisiac foods. As an aphrodisiac, onion stands second only to garlic. It increases libido and strengthens the reproductory organs. The white variety of onion should be peeled off, crushed and fried in pure butter. This mixture acts as an excellent aphrodisiac tonic if taken regularly with a spoon of honey on an empty stomach. The powder of black gram when dipped in the juice of onion for seven days and then dried, produces a mixture called kanji. This also acts as an aphrodisiac.

6. Benefits of Onion in Skin Disorders or Treatment of Skin Disorders with Onion- Onion is irritating to the skin and stimulates the circulation of blood in the mucous membrane. Warts also sometimes disappear if rubbed with cut onions. Roasted or otherwise, onions are applied as a poultice to boils, bruises, wounds, etc., to bring the boils to maturity by its heaty sensation.

7. Benefits of Onion in Ear Disorders or Treatment of Ear Disorders with Onion- Onion juice dipped’on cotton wool and put into the ear is a popular Russian remedy for ringing sound in the ears. Dropped hot in the ear, it relieves earache.

8. Benefits of Onion in Cholera or Treatment of Cholera with Onion- Onion is an effective remedy for cholera. About 30 grams of onion and seven black peppers should be finely pounded in a pestle and given to the patient of cholera. It allays thirst and restlessness and the patient feels better. It also lessens vomiting and diarrhoea immediately. In addition to little sugar to the recipe will increase its effectiveness.

9. Benefits of Onion in Urinary System Disorders or Treatment of Urinary System Disorders with Onion- Onions are highly beneficial in the treatment of urinary system disorders. For burning sensation in urine, six grams of onion should be boiled in 500 ml. of water. It should be removed from the fire when half the water has evaporated. It should then be strained, allowed to cool and given to the patient as a drink. It will relieve the burning sensation in urine. Onion rubbed in water and mixed with 60 grams of sugar will be useful in the retention of urine. It will bring about free urination within a short time.’

10. Benefits of Onion in Bleeding Piles or Treatment of Bleeding Piles with Onion- Onions are valuable in bleeding piles. About 30 grams of onions should be finely rubbed in water and 60 grams of sugar added to it. It should be taken twice daily by the patient. It will bring relief within a few days.

The onion can be used in innumerable ways. The immature and mature bulbs are eaten raw or they may be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. They are used in soups and sauces and for seasoning many foods. They may also be fried. Coated with gram flour and fried, the onion bhajiya makes an excellent snack. Small white leaf at the base before the bulb is eaten raw in salads. These immature plants are known as green, bunching or spring onions. Onion oil, produced by steam distillation, is used to a limited extent for flavouring foods.
There has been an increasing demand, in recent years, for dehydrated onion products. The onions are sliced and dried. They are used for flavouring food and in canned meat products, sausages, canned and dried soups and ketchup. Dried onion flakes can be reconstituted by cooking in water, and are used in salads and other foods. Chopped and dried green onion tops may be used as a substitute for chives—a kind culinary herb For culinary purposes.

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