images 11 Health Benefits of Papaya, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Papaya, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Papaya fruit can help you to fight various diseases like Digestive Aid, Intestinal Disorders, Roundworms, Skin Disorders, Menstrual Irregularities, Cirrhosis, Throat Disorders, Spleen Enlargement. Read the following passages about Papaya fruit advantages and find Papaya effects on your body-

Papaya Health Benefits

1. Benefits of Papaya in Digestive Aid or Treatment of Digestive Aid with Papaya- Modern scientific investigations into the properties of the papaya have confirmed many of the ancient beliefs in its virtues. The most important of these virtues is the discovery of a protein-digesting enzyme in the milky juice or latex, which is carried in a network of vessels throughout the plant. The enzyme is similar to pepsin in its digestive action and is reputed to be so powerful that it can digest 200 times its own weight in protein. Its effect is to assist the body’s own enzymes in assimilating the maximum nutritional value from food to provide energy and body-building materials.’

2. Benefits of Papaya in Intestinal Disorders or Treatment of Intestinal Disorders with Papaya- Papain in the raw papaya is highly beneficial in the deficiency of gastric juice, excess of unhealthy mucus in the stomach, in dyspepsia and intestinal irritation. The ripe fruit, if eaten regularly, corrects habitual constipation, bleeding piles and chronic diarrhoea. The juice of the papaya seeds is also used in dyspepsia and bleeding piles.

3. Benefits of Papaya in Roundworms or Treatment of Roundworms with Papaya- The digestive enzyme, papain in the milky juice of the unripe papaya is powerful anthelmintic for (i.e. which has the power to destroy) roundworms. A tablespoonful of the fresh juice and equal quantity of honey should be mixed with three to four tablespoonful of hot water and taken as a dose by an adult. This dose should be followed two hours later by a dose of 30 to 60 ml. of castor oil mixed in 250-375 ml. of lukewarm milk. This treatment should be repeated for two days, if necessary. For children of 7 to 10 years, half the above doses should be given. For children under three years. a teaspoonful is sufficient. Papaya seeds are also useful for this purpose; they are rich in a substance called ricin which is a very effective medicine for expelling roundworms. The alkaloid campaign found in the leaves has also the power to destroy or expel intestinal worms. They are given with honey.

4. Benefits of Papaya in Skin Disorders of Treatment of Skin Disorders with Papaya- The juice of the raw papaya, being an irritant, is useful in several skin disorders. It is applied with beneficial results to swellings to prevent pus formation or suppuration and to corns, warts, pimples, horn, an excrescence or an abnormal outgrowth of the skin and other skin diseases. The juice as a cosmetic. removes freckles or brown spots due to exposure to sunlight and makes the skin smooth and delicate. A paste of the papaya seeds is applied in skin diseases like ringworm.

5. Benefits of Papaya in Menstrual Irregularities or Treatment of Menstrual Irregularities with Papaya- The unripe papaya helps the contraction of the muscle fibres of the womb and is thus beneficial in secret jug proper menu ua I flow. It is as especially helpful in case of cessation of menstruation due to exposure to the cold or due to fights in young unmarried girls.

6. Benefits of Papaya in Cirrhosis of the liver or Treatment of Cirrhosis with Papaya- Black seeds of papaya are highly beneficial in the treatment of the liver caused by alcoholism, malnutrition etc. A tablespoonful of juice obtained by grinding the seeds, mixed with ten drops of fresh lime juice, should be given once or twice daily for about a month as a medicine for this disease.’

7. Benefits of Papaya in Throat Disorders or Treatment of Throat Disorders with PapayaFresh juice of raw papaya mixed with honey can be applied with beneficial results over inflamed tonsils for diphtheria and other throat disorders. It dissolves the membrane and prevents infection from spreading.

8. Benefits of Papaya in Spleen Enlargement or Treatment of Spleen Enlargement with Papaya- Ripe papaya is highly valuable in enlargement of the spleen. The fruit should be skinned, cut into pieces and immersed in vinegar for a week. About 20 grams of the fruit thus preserved should be consumed twice with meals in the treatment of this disease.’ Slices of peeled raw fruit with cumin seeds and pepper can also be used once daily to cure enlargement of the spleen due to malaria.


Papaya is used in a variety of ways. The ripe fresh fruits are eaten throughout the tropics for breakfast and dessert and in fruit salads. They are used for making soft drinks, jams and ice-cream flavouring. They are also canned in syrup. Unripe fruits are generally taken as a vegetable.
Papain, prepared from the dried latex of immature fruits is used in meat-tenderizing preparation, manufacture of chewing-gum, in cosmetics and as a drug for digestive ailments.

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