images 5 Health Benefits of Raisins, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Raisins, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Raisins can help you to fight various diseases like Acidosis, Constipation, Anaemia, Under Weight, Febrile Cases, Sexual Debility. Read the following passages about Raisins advantages and find Raisins effects on your body-

Raisins – Health Benefits

1. Benefits of Raisins in Acidosis or Treatment of Acidosis with Raisins- Acidosis is a condition in which the acidity of body fluid is abnormally high. The raisins with their excess of alkalinity are helpful in maintaining the acid balance of the body. Studies conducted by Say well in the University of California have shown that the free use of raisins, say about 1.05 gm. daily, will greatly reduce the acidity of the urine. The urinary ammonia is also reduced. The organic acid of the raisins is completely oxidized. The free use of raisins is valuable in combating chronic acidosis which generally results from the excessive consumption of meat and cereals.

2. Benefits of Raisins in Constipation or Treatment of Constipation with Raisins- Raisins are highly beneficial in the treatment of constipation they should be soaked in a glassful of drinking water for 24 to 48 hours This would swell them to the original size of the grapes. They should be eaten early in the morning, after discarding the stones. The water in which raisins are soaked should also be drunk This plan carried out every morning will bring excellent results in case of chronic constipation. Raisins can be routinely given even to little infants as an extract in water to help regular bowel action. Six to ten raisins or more, depending on the child’s age, can be soaked in boiling water and set aside for a while. When cool, the raisins should be thoroughly crushed to extract their juice into the water For small children, the liquid could be strained and given so that the skin of the raisins does not upset the stomach

3. Benefits of Raisins in Anaemia or Treatment of Anaemia with Raisins- As a rich source of easily assimilable iron, raisins enrich blood they are thus useful in anaemia

4. Benefits of Raisins in Under Weight or Treatment of Under Weight with Raisins – Raisins are good food for those who wish to gain weight. They may be taken up to 1 Kg daily, 30 gm. or so at a time, in these cases

5. Benefits of Raisins in Febrile Cases or Treatment of Febrile Cases with Raisins- An extract from raisins acts like medicine in febrile cases i.e relating to fever This extract is prepared by soaking raisins in the water and then crushing them in the same water. They are then strained and skin is discarded. The raisin water thus prepared becomes a tonic A little lime juice added to the extract will enhance its taste and usefulness

6. Benefits of Raisins in Sexual Debility or Treatment of Sexual Debility with Raisins- In Ayurveda, black raisins are used for the restoration of sexual vigour. In such cases, they should be boiled with milk, Abel washing them thoroughly in tepid lukewarm water This will make them swollen and sweet. Eating of such raisins shotiltisbe followed by the use of milk. Stanly with 30 grams of raisins should with 200 ml, of milk, three times daily. The number of raisins is gradually increased to 50 grams each time

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