download 2 1 Health Benefits of Safflower Seeds, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Safflower Seeds, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Safflower Seeds can help you to fight various diseases like Heart Disease, Constipation, Sexual Debility, Asthma, Female Disorders, Eczema.. Read the following passages about Safflower Seeds advantages and find Safflower Seeds effects on your body-

Safflower Seeds – Health Benefits

1. Benefits of Safflower Seeds in Heart Disease or Treatment of Heart Disease with Safflower Seeds- Safflower oil has proved beneficial in lowering blood cholesterol. Hence it can be used liberally by persons suffering from cardiovascular disorders. An emulsion by trade name Saffloxin-Cipla is used routinely during myocardial infarction, cardiac ischaemia and hypertension.

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2. Benefits of Safflower Seeds in Constipation or Treatment of Constipation with Safflower Seeds- One teaspoonful of a kernel of the seeds, taken with six shelled almonds and honey has proved highly beneficial in the treatment of constipation. It has been found to be a safe laxative for the young, weak and pregnant women. A very popular Unani laxative medicine called Twarishe Qhurtum is prepared from safflower seeds.

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3. Benefits of Safflower Seeds in Sexual Debility or Treatment of Sexual Debility with Safflower Seeds- Safflower seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of sexual debility. For better results, powder of the dry seeds should be mixed with pistachio nuts, honey and almonds. It should be used with milk once before going to bed. It is a very effective aphrodisiac. It improves sexual vigour and thickens semen.’

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4. Benefits of Safflower Seeds in Asthma or Treatment of Asthma with Safflower Seeds- Safflower seeds are highly beneficial in the treatment of bronchial asthma. Half a teaspoon of powder of the dry seeds, mixed in a tablespoonful of honey, can be taken once or twice with great benefit in this disease. It acts as an expectorant and reduces the spasms by liquefying the tenacious sputum. Infusion of the flowers mixed with honey is also useful in asthma.

5. Benefits of Safflower Seeds in Female Disorders or Treatment of Female Disorders with Safflower Seeds- A decoction prepared by boiling two teaspoonfuls of powdered seeds in 120 ml. of water is given as a remedy to cure painful menstruation. Dried flowers mixed with rose are also given as a medicine in this condition. A brew made from safflower foliage is said to prevent abortion and the female sterility.

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6. Benefits of Safflower Seeds in Eczema or Treatment of Eczema with Safflower Seeds- It has been established in laboratory animal tests that eczema can result from lack of linoleic acid. Safflower oil can thus I beneficially used in the treatment of this disease. Two tablespoonfuls of safflower oil should be taken daily in the condition. The quantity can be reduced to one tablespoonful after the condition improves.

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