images 41 Health Benefits of Sugarcane, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Sugarcane, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Sugarcane can help you to fight various diseases like Fevers, Genito-urinary Disorders, Jaundice, Weak Teeth.Read the following passages about Sugarcane advantages and find Sugarcane effects on your body-

Sugarcane – Health Benefits

Sugarcane advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Sugarcane gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Sugarcane health benefits.

1. Benefits of Sugarcane in Fevers or Treatment of Fever with Sugarcane- The juice is beneficial in fevers. In febrile disorders which causes fever, when there is great protein loss, liberal intake of sugarcane juice supplies the body with necessary protein and other food elements.

2. Benefits of Sugarcane in Genito-urinary Disorders or Treatment of Geito-urinary Disorders- Sugarcane is very useful in scanty urination. It keeps the urinary flow clear and helps the kidneys to perform their functions properly. It is also valuable in burning micturition due to high acidity, gonorrhoea, enlarged prostate, cystitis and nephritis. For better results, it should be mixed with lime juice, ginger juice and coconut water.

3. Benefits of Sugarcane in Jaundice or Treatment of Jaundice with Sugarcane- Mixed with lime juice, it can hasten recovery from jaundice. It is, however, very essential that the juice, must be clean, preferably prepared at home. Resistance is low in hepatitis and any infected beverage could make matters worse.

4. Benefits of Sugarcane in Weak Teeth or Treatment of Weak-Teeth with Sugarcane- The juice sucked from the sugarcane can prove highly valuable in case of weak teeth due to lack of proper exercise resulting from excessive use of soft foods. It gives a form of exercise to the teeth and makes them strong.

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