download 2 Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Bael Fruit

Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Bael Fruit


The following page describes everything about Beal fruit. It tells what is Beal meaning, and what do we call Beal in Hindi. Some hidden facts also like the health benefits of Beal dry fruit and much more. This page describes facts about Bael. It tells Value of Bael fruit including Minerals and Vitamins in Bael fruit and describes what are the natural benefits and curative properties of Bael with Health Benefits of Bael .

Description of Beal Fruit 

Following is the Description of Beal Fruit. It includes Beal color and some more information about Beal

The bael occupies an important place among the indigenous fruits of India It is a woody and smooth food which is 5 to 15 cm in diameter. It has numerous seeds, which are densely covered with fibrous hairs and are embedded in a thick aromatic pulp The flesh is either eaten fresh or dried.

Origin and Distribution of Beal Fruit

The Following paragraph describes the origin and distribution of the Beal Fruit. Go through to know more about the origin and distribution of the Beal Fruit

The bael tree is indigenous to India. The history of this tree has been traced to Vedic period-2000 BC – 800 BC. The mention of bael fruit has been made in Yajur Veda. The tree has great mythological significance, and it abounds in the vicinity of temples. It is held sacred by the Hindus and according to Hindu customs, the leaves of the tree are traditionally used as a sacred offering to Lord Shiva, who is believed to live under bael tree  The bael fruit is grown throughout India as well as in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma, Thailand and most of the south-east Asian countries.

Value of Beal Fruit

Beal nutrition is another matter of knowledge. So here we are providing Beal nutritional value which actually tells about Beal nutrients and their benefits

An analysis of the bael fruit shows it is rich in mineral and vitamin contents. The sherbet made out of this fruit has all the important nutrients and health growing ingredients. It should be thick and syrupy enough to be taken with a spoon and it should be thoroughly masticated. If taken hurriedly, it may produce heaviness in the stomach. The bad It tin should also not be taken in excess at a time as excessive intake of bael may produce a sensation of heaviness in the stoma ( It and may cause gastric discontent.

Bael Food Value

Moisture in Bael                                  61.5%                             

 Protein in Bael                                    1.8%                             

 Fat in Bael                                            0.3%                                

Minerals in Bael                                  1.7%                              

 Fibre in Bael                                       2.9%                               

 Carbohydrates  in Bael                       31.8%                             


Minerals and Vitamins in Beal

Find details about Minerals and Vitamins in Beal. It specially focuses on Beal Nutrition

Minerals and Vitamins in Bael Fruit

Calcium in Bael                                  85 mg

Phosphorus in Bael                            50 mg

Iron in Bael                                         0.6 mg

Vitamin C  in Bael                              8 mg

Small amount of Vitamin B Complex

Value per 100 gms edible portion                                                                   

Calorific Value – 137

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Beal

Beal has a lot of curative properties and natural benefits. Read this passage to find benefits of Beal

The bael tree is one of the most useful medicinal plants of India Its medicinal properties have been described in the ancient medical treatise in Sanskrit, Charaka Sarnhita All the parts of this tree including stem, bark, root, leaves and fruit at all stages of maturity have medicinal virtues and has been used as traditional medicine for a long time.

 The fruit is of considerable medicinal value when it just begins to ripen The ripe fruit is aromatic, astringent which helps the construction of skin, coolant and laxative The unripe or half-ripe fruit is astringent, digestive stomachic which improves appetite and anti scorbutic, i.e. which helps to fight scurvy caused due to a vitamin C deficiency

Bael Fruit has wonderful health benefits in Treatment of  Constipation, Diarrhoea and Dysentery, Peptic Ulcer, Respiratory Affections. To read more about them click the link below-

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