images 16 Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Cabbage Vegetable

Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Cabbage Vegetable


The following page describes everything about Cabbage vegetable. It tells what is Cabbage meaning, and what do we call Cabbage in Hindi. Some hidden facts also like the health benefits of Cabbage and much more.This page describes facts about Cabbage. It tells Value of Cabbage vegetable including Minerals and Vitamins in Cabbage vegetable and describes what are the natural benefits and curative properties of Cabbage with Health Benefits of Cabbage


Botanical Names/Scientific Name: Brassica oleracea var, capital

 Indian Names: Bandgobhi, Karam Kalla and Pattagobhi

Description of Cabbage

Following is the Description of Cabbage Vegetable. It includes Cabbage color and some more information about Cabbage

 The cabbage is one of the most highly rated leafy-vegetables and a marvellous food item. It is grown for its enlarged edible,-terminal buds and is eaten all over the world. It is excellent as a muscle builder and cleanser. There are several varieties of cabbage. They differ in size, shape and colour of leaves, and in size, shape, colour and texture of head.

Origin and Distribution of Cabbage

The Following paragraph describes the origin and distribution of the Cabbage Vegetable. Go through to know more about the origin and distribution of the Cabbage Vegetable

The cabbage was cultivated long before the dawn of human history. The ancient Greeks regarded it as an important vegetable. It was also very popular in Rome and it was introduced by the Romans into those lands which they conquered. The original home of cabbage is Southern Europe and the Mediterranean regions. The major areas of cultivation are Northern India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Central, East and West Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

Value of Cabbage

Cabbage nutrition is another matter of knowledge. So here we are providing Cabbage nutritional value which actually tell about Cabbage nutrients and their benefits.

This vegetable is chiefly valuable for its high mineral and vitamin content and alkaline salts. This vegetable can be used raw in the form of salad. It can also be steamed, boiled or cooked. It should be eaten raw for best results as in cooking its valuable nutrients are largely lost. The raw cabbage is also more easily digested than the cooked one. The longer the cabbage is cooked the less digestible it becomes. It can be rectified by adding some asafoetida i.e. hing. The cabbage with green leaves is especially valuable because of its high vitamin A content.

                              Cabbage Food Value

Moisture in Cabbage                          91.9%                   

 Protein in Cabbage                            1.8%                     

 Fat in Cabbage                                   0.1%                     

 Minerals in Cabbage                         0.6%                     

 Fibre in Cabbage                               1.0%                     

 Carbohydrates in Cabbage               4.6%                     


Minerals and Vitamins in Cabbage

Find details about Minerals and Vitamins in Cabbage. It specially focuses on Cabbage Nutrition

Minerals and Vitamins in Cabbage Vegetable

Calcium in Cabbage                          39 mg

Phosphorus in Cabbage                    44 mg

Iron in Cabbage                                 0.8 mg

Vitamin C in Cabbage                       124 mg

Small amount of Vitamin B complex

Values per 100 gms edible portions                                                      

Calorific Value – 27

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Cabbage

Cabbage has a lot of curative properties and natural benefits. Read this passage to find benefits of Cabbage

The cabbage has wonderful cleansing and reducing properties. Its most valuable properties are the high sulphur and chlorine content and the relatively large per cent of iodine. The combination of the sulphur and chlorine causes a cleansing of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestinal tract, but this only applies when cabbage or its juice is taken in its raw state without the addition of salt.  However, cabbage and cabbage juice should never be taken as a main part of the diet. Very excessive intakes have been known to cause thyroid disease called goitre. It is only in normal amounts that cabbage is valuable nutritionally and that its juice, which is bitter and not delicious, constitutes an important part of the natural treatment of infection, ulcers and other disorders of the digestive system.

Cabbage has wonderful health benefits in Treatment of Constipation, Stomach Ulcers, Obesity, Skin Disorders, Premature Ageing. To read more about them click the link below-

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