images 1 5 Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Grapes Fruit

Nutritional Facts, Information & Health Benefits of Grapes Fruit


The following page describes everything about Grapes fruit. It tells what is Grapes meaning, and what do we call Grapes in Hindi. Some hidden facts also like the health benefits of Grapes dry fruit and much more. This page describes facts about Grapes. It tells Value of Grapes fruit including Minerals and Vitamins in Grapes fruit and describes what are the natural benefits and curative properties of Grapes with Health Benefits of Grapes.


Botanical Name/Scientific Name: Vitis vinifera

 Indian Name: Angoor

Description of Grapes Fruit   

Following is the Description of Grapes Fruit. It includes Grapes color and some more information about Grapes

Grapes are one of the most valuable fruits; they are delicious, highly nutritious and most easily digestible. They are one of Nature’s precious gifts for the revitalization of the human system.  Spherical or ovoid in shape, the grape is a form of berry. They are of innumerable varieties differing in size, shape, colour, aroma and taste. The sizes vary from as big as plums to as small as peas. They are found in various colours such as green, black, red and blue.

Origin and Distribution of Grapes Fruit

The Following paragraph describes the origin and distribution of the Grapes Fruit. Go through to know more about the origin and distribution of the Grapes Fruit

Grapes have been cultivated from time immemorial and they are one of the earliest fruit vines cultivated by man. The 8000year-old monuments of Egypt contain carvings of grapes in stone. The grape is believed to be indigenous to Caucasia and its surrounding areas. From here it gradually spread to Western Asia, Southern Europe, Algeria and Morocco. It came to India at a very early time. The main centres of grape cultivation in India are in Tamil Nadu, Nasik, Pune and Aurangabad in Maharashtra, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh and Punjab and Haryana. The plant grows all through the year in Hyderabad and South India. Grapes of sugar which is formed almost entirely by glucose. The quantity of glucose in grapes varies from 15 to 25 per cent in different varieties. The glucose is a predigested food and is absorbed in the body soon after its consumption. It supplies heat and energy to the body within a short time.

Value of Grapes Fruit

Grapes nutrition is another matter of knowledge. So here we are providing Grapes nutritional value which actually tell about Grapes nutrients and their benefits.

The grape is a highly valued fruit mainly for its rich content

Grapes Food Value                                                      

Moisture in Grapes                              92.0%                         

 Protein in Grapes                               0.7%                           

Fat  in Grapes                                       0.1%                           

Minerals in Grapes                              0.2%                           

Carbohydrates in Grapes                    7.0%        


Minerals and Vitamins in Grapes

Find details about Minerals and Vitamins in Grapes. It specially focuses on Grapes Nutrition

Minerals and Vitamins in Grapes Fruit

Calcium in Grapes                              20 mg

Phosphorus in Grapes                        20 mg

Iron  in Grapes                                    0.2 mg

Vitamin  C in Grapes                          31 mg   

Small amount of Vitamin B Complex Vitamin A and P   

Calorific Value – 32

(Values per 100 gms edible portion International Unit )

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties of Grapes

Grapes has a lot of curative properties and natural benefits. Read this passage to find benefits of Grapes

The therapeutic value of grapes is closely linked with its richness in pure glucose. Studies have indicated that the production of energy essential for the proper functioning of the heart and organs of high physiological importance depends on the metabolism of glucose. Grapes, therefore, have a restorative effect by virtue of their easy assimilation. They are thus highly valuable in case of weak digestion. general debility and fever.

 The ‘grape cure’ is perhaps the best of the various fruit cures proposed from time to time. It consists of eating an exclusive diet of grapes daily It is an old established mode of treatment. As far back as 1556, books on this wonderful method of natural treatment had been published in the various languages of Europe. They deal with the grape cure as a remedy for various diseases. Over a hundred years ago, Dr. ‘Lambe, a pioneer reformer and dietitian, treated cancer in England with grapes Germany seems to be the centre of this natural healing cult.

 The grape diet is recommended by Dr Herman Rieder, a university Professor, and Dr Martin Zeller, both of Munchen, Germany For a complete cure these doctors prescribe the juice extracted Ilona fresh grapes to be taken in five meals daily. The treatment lasts from four to six weeks and the best time for this is during September and October. In some cases, large quantities of juice are administered—from 1 to 6.5 Kg. of pressed grapes being used daily 1.

Grapes has wonderful health benefits in Treatment of  Constipation, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Heart Disease, Migraine, Kidney Troubles, Liver Disorders, Children’s Diseases, External Sores, Pyorrhoea, Alcoholism. To read more about them click the link below-

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