images 32 Health Benefits of Black Gram, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Black Gram, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Black Gram can help you to fight various diseases like Diabetes, Sexual Dysfunction, Nervous Disorders, Hair Disorders, Digestive System Disorders, Rheumatic Afflictions. Read the following passages about Black Gram  advantages and find Black Gram  effects on your body-

Black Gram – Health Benefits

Black Gram advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Black Gram gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Black Gram health benefits.

1. Benefits of Black Gram in Diabetes or Treatment of Diabetes with Black Gram- Germinated black gram, taken with half a cupful of fresh bitter gourd juice and a teaspoonful of honey is highly beneficial in the treatment of a milder type of diabetes. It should be used once daily for three to four months with restriction of carbohydrates Even in severe cases, regular use of this combination, with Other precautions, is useful as health giving food for the prevention of various complications that may arise due to malnutrition in diabetic patients.

2. Benefits of Black Gram in Sexual Dysfunction or Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction with Black Gram- Black gram dhal soaked in water for about six hours and then fried in pure cow’s ghee, after draining the water is an excellent sex tonic. It can be used with wheat bread and honey with highly beneficial results in functional impotency, premature ejaculation and thinness of the semen.

3. Benefits of Black Gram in Nervous Disorders or Treatment of Nervous Disorders with Black Gram- The above preparation eaten with half boiled egg is an excellent tonic in nervous disorders such as nervous weakness, weakness of memory, schizophrenia and hysteria.

4. Benefits of Black Gram in Hair Disorders or Treatment of Hair Disorders with Black Gram- Washing the hair with a paste of cooked black gram dhal and fenugreek lengthens the hair, keeps them black and cures dandruff.

5. Benefits of Black Gram in Digestive System Disorders or Treatment of Digestive System Disorders with Black Gram- Black gram is valuable in digestive system disorders. In the form of decoction, it is useful in dyspepsia, gastric catarrh, dysentery and diarrhoea.

6. Benefits of Black Gram in Rheumatic Afflictions or Treatment of Rheumatic Afflictions with Black Gram- A liniment made from black gram is useful as an external application in rheumatism, contracted knee and stiff shoulder. It is prepared by boiling about 4 Kgs. of black gram pulse in 38.4 litres of water. It should be boiled down to about 9.6 litres and strained. The strained decoction should be boiled with about 2.5 litres of sesame oil and 1/2 kg. of rock salt till the water has been evaporated. A paste of the fresh root is also useful in rheumatic pains.

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