download 1 10 Health Benefits of Soybean, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Soybean, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Soybean can help you to fight various diseases like Diabetes, Skin Disorders, Anaemia.. Read the following passages about Soybean advantages and find Soybean effects on your body-

Soybean – Health Benefits

Soybean advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Soybean gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Soybean health benefits.

1. Benefits of Soybean in Diabetes or Treatment of Diabetes with Soybean- Soybean contains a fairly large amount of carbohydrate but there is little or no starch in it. It is, therefore, regarded as very suitable food for diabetic patient. Its carbohydrate produces heat and energy in the body without causing sugar to appear in the urine.

2. Benefits of Soybean in Skin Disorders or Treatment of Skin Disorders with Soybean- The soybean k regarded as a valuable food remedy in eczema and other skin affections. It renders unnecessary the use of animal protein, that is, meat, eggs and milk and thus reduces the inflammatory activities in the skin and is free from the tendency to produce sensitivity or allergic reactions which so frequently attend the users of all animal proteins. When soybean is taken liberally, the intense itching diminishes almost immediately and disappears completely after a few days. The skin lesions also often vanish after some days. Improvement in skin health presumably occurs due to its lecithin content — a natural emulsifier which helps disperse fatty deposits and cholesterol from vital organs.’

3. Benefits of Soybean in Anaemia or Treatment of Anaemian with Soybean- Soybean, being rich in iron, has been found beneficial in the treatment of anaemia. As, however, the anaemic patients suffer from weak digestion, it should be given to them in a very light form which may be easily digested.

Soybeans are used in other forms such as flour, green beans, sprouts and oil. Soya flour is one of the most widely used products of soybean. In the West, the soybean flour industry has grown to immense proportions. The soya flour is prepared by first roasting the soybeans and removing their coatings They are then turned into powder. It is by far more nutritious than the wheat flour. It contains 15 times as much calcium, seven times as much phosphorus, 10 times as much iron, 10 times as much thiamine and nine times as much riboflavin as wheat flour.

Soybean contains a bitter substance which can be removed by soaking soybean in six cupfuls of warm water containing half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate for 10 minutes. The process also removes the colouring matter from soybean. Soybeans contain a factor which inhibits the action of the digestive enzyme trypsin. This factor can be destroyed by heating.

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