images 38 Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds, Tips and Risks

Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds, Tips and Risks


The following page describes how Sunflower Seeds can help you to fight various diseases like High Cholesterol level, Beriberi and Pellagra, Anaemia, Respiratory Diseases. Read the following passages about  Sunflower Seeds advantages and find Sunflower Seeds effects on your body-

Sunflower Seeds – Health Benefits

Sunflower Seeds advantages are numerous. Following is the list of benefits which Sunflower Seeds gives you. The following paragraph focuses on Sunflower Seeds health benefits.

1. Benefits of Sunflower Seeds in High Cholesterol level or Treatment of High Cholesterol with Sunflower Seeds- The seeds contain a substantial quantity of linoleic acid which is the fat helpful in reducing cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries. Substituting sunflower seeds for some of the solid fats like butter and cream will, therefore, lead to great improvement in health.

2. Benefits of Sunflower Seeds in Beriberi and Pellagra or Treatment of Beriberi with Sunflower Seeds- As a rich source of thiamin and niacin, sunflower seeds help to protect the health of nerves and brain as well as skin and digestive tract. Lack of these vitamins will produce deficiency like beriberi and pellagra.

3. Benefits of Sunflower Seeds in Anaemia or Treatment of Anaemia with Sunflower Seeds- The flour made from sunflower seeds is one of the richest sources of iron in any food. It is, therefore, highly beneficial in the prevention and treatment of anaemia.

4. Benefits of Sunflower Seeds in Respiratory Diseases or Treatment of Respiratory Disease with Sunflower Seeds- Powder of the dry seeds or the decoction of the pounded seeds is used as a remedy for bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, influenza and cough. It is believed that growing sunflower in the home garden prevents influenza and cold.

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